Nutrition and Yoga

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Nutrition Consultations

Germantown, MD 

Monday 1pm-6pm

Thursday 7am-4pm

Friday 7am-10:30am

Frederick, MD

Friday 1pm-4pm

Saturday 8am

  • Have you been told you have IBS?
  • Have you been diagnosed with an Irritable Bowel Disease such as Crohn's or UC?  
  • Do you have chronic digestive symptoms that don't seem to be linked to a specific food?
  • Are you dealing with chronic fatigue or an autoimmune disease?

If yes to any of these, make an appointment with me today to start your journey toward feeling better.  Having suffered with IBS in the past, I know how hard it can be trying to plan your life around where the bathroom is.  I also know it doesn't have to be that way!

Integrative nutrition counseling explores how diet and lifestyle affect overall health.  Diet affects not only weight, but chronic diseases, chronic fatigue, food and environmental allergies and mood.  In your private consultation I will gather information about your health and personal history, review your dietary preferences and health concerns, and assess your nutritional status. Together we will craft a personalized nutrition plan to start you on your path to greater health.  Follow up appointments will assess how the changes are working for you, and further changes will be made as needed. I always work from the view of food first, and professional grade, all natural supplements are added if food is not enough.



    Initial: $125

    Follow Ups: $75

Cooking Lessons:

    Up to 5 people: $100

    +$15 per person over 5

In Home Meal Preparation

       4 meals for 4 = 16 meals  $300-$350

       4 meals for 2 = 8 meals    $225-$275

       2 meals for 4 = 8 meals    $225-$275

      Specialty for Parties: price varies

             *Additional traveling fee may apply based on your location

As your in-home chef I will do all the shopping, cooking and cleaning.  All you have to do is serve!  


  • Set a date and time
  • Submit Intake form (list dietary restrictions)
  • I will confirm the menu with you
  • I cook, you eat!